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District Khushab was established on July 1, 1982. The word Khushab is derived from two Persian words, “Khush” and “Aab” meaning good or pleasing water. There are different legends about the origin of this name for instance, one local tradition ascribes it to Sher Shah Suri who happened to drink water from river Jhelum refreshing sweet and invigorating. His instant response was to call it “Khushab”. It was formerly Tehsil of Sargodha district. District Khushab consists of three Tehsils i.e. Khushab, Noorpur Thal and Qaidabad. There are three sub divisions and 9 Police Stations in the District. Six Districts are linked with this district, Sargodha is located on East, Mianwali on West, Chakwal & Jehlum on North and Jhang, Bhakkar on South of this district.

According to the topography of the soil this district is divided into the circles namely; Pahar, Mohar Barani, Mohar Nehri, Thal Nehri, Thal Barani. The precious mineral resources like salt, coal, gypsum are available in the salt range falling the district. The district is rich in wild life. The important installation i.e. PAF Base at Sakesar is at height of 5000 feet above the sea level. There are main crops of the district are Gram, Wheat, Rice, and Sugar Cane. Rain Fall decreases rapidly as one goes lecviour in soon valley than in the dry hot thal area at Khushab rain fall is about 32.5 at Mitha Tiwana on the edge of the Thal rain fall average is 25cm at Noorpur. The average is about to summer at salt range at Naushera average is 45cm while it is at share about 55cm. Temperature in the month of May and June temperature at Khushab and Thal rises day after day to 115 F. As the moon soon rain, commence the temperature falls as low as 80 F, during night. January is the coldest month then the thermometer often stands at 20 C. Weather like the areas of Pakistan and Punjab District Khushab has same four seasons, Winter (Mid December to March), Hot Weather (April to June), Monsoon Season (July to September) and Post Monsoon season (October to Mid- December). There are two beautiful lakes named as usually lake and Jahllar lake in soon valley.

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6532 Sq. km


12,31,767 (Approx.)

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Raja, Syed, Awan, Baloch, Arain, Tiwana, Joiya